News and What's Next...

Here's where I'm next teaching and when:

April 2017:        Adult Class - 'Capturing Opulence' at the Wallace Collection - BOOK HERE
                         Adult Class - 'The Painting Class' at Orleans House Gallery  - BOOK HERE

February at the British Museum

Over February half term I worked with families on this expanding installation at the British Museum. Inspired by Ndebele House Paintings of South Africa, this mini village made a link between the 'South Africa: the Art of a Nation' exhibition and al the families who dropped in.

Visit my new website here:

Events at the British Museum

I made a giant River Nile at The British Museum recently, as part of the Sunken Cities events. Adults of all ages came to make a boat to form a procession. Great fun had by all!

Talk and Draw Sessions

I've been creating adult sessions at Orleans House Gallery which involve talking as a group about art in the exhibition, and then making accessible artwork afterwards. 
The last session was based on colour and 3D form - it had beautifully sculptural results!

Prints in Progress for London Transport Museum

I've been working on a simple printing process for family workshops coming up at London Transport Museum. 

Here's a sneak peek of what my trials look like so far!

Workshop Design for The British Museum

We've been making golden tablets at the British Museum's Sleepovers, inspired by the Night at the Museum films. Here's a few examples of what we made in just 45 minutes!

''...Very well run.  Anna made the instructions clear, breaking them down so everyone could keep up. The project is clever and the results are nice...

...lovely, helpful staff and clear and clever layout. Thank you!''

Visitor feedback

Sample worksheet made for the workshop.

Drawing Workshops at The British Museum

I've written and delivered some drawing workshops for the BM's Members' evenings. 
I didn't take any photos myself, but this was posted on the museum's Facebook page:

Drawing From Sculpture with Anna Saunders

Featured in Time Out

I've got a little mention in this week's Time Out as part of Saturday's Ball in the Hall at 
The Wallace Collection: Time Out Link

I'll be drawing on-the-spot, adding people's faces to bodies from paintings in the collection. 

Here's a couple of drawings from last time: